What is the 92:1 Ratio?

Today, there are an endless number of ways for marketers to drive new and qualified traffic to their businesses for continued returns on their ad spend. In fact, according to eMarketer by 2017, digital media ad spend in the US is projected to surpass television for the first time in history and by 2020 is expected to represent nearly 50% of total US media spend.

Considering the market share held by digital, it’s not surprising that for every $92 spent on digital ads driving traffic to a website, only $1 is spent actually guiding that traffic toward conversion once it’s on the website. Of course marketers continue to rely on that ratio. They focus their attention on the variable of the equation they know they can control, the traffic, and leave the variable that has historically been untapped by technology, the website, untouched.

What does this mean for your digital business? It means that today, your website is comparable to a store devoid of any maps, any store associates, and anything to help your visitors through the conversion journey.

And your conversions? Well, they’re suffering as a result.

So, what can you do about it? Start treating your valuable traffic like the humans they are. Read and react to their digital body language in order to drive them toward the next most productive actions for your business. It’s called Behavioral Marketing.

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