How we got a 157% increase for one of the world’s leading digital marketing teams

Excerpt from a Smart Insights case study at Conversion Rate Experts.

“Conversion rate is the lifeblood of our business … there’s a lot of competition.”—Dr. Dave Chaffey, CEO and co-founder of Smart Insights

Smart Insights is a leading publisher and consultancy that provides guides, e-books and training to help businesses succeed online. It is the brainchild of Dr. Dave Chaffey, who—according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing—is “one of 50 gurus who has shaped the future of marketing.”

How we identified actionable ideas to grow Smart Insights

When Abraham Lincoln was asked about his approach to A/B-testing, he famously said, “Give me six weeks to run a test, and I will spend the first four gathering insights about the visitors.”

(Or maybe he was talking about chopping down trees and sharpening his axe.)

Honest Abe’s approach reflects our unique methodology. The research we do before we lay a finger on a website is the most critical activity we undertake on any project. It’s also the most frequently ignored by most web businesses.

Stripped down to its basics, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is simple. You just need to be able to answer these two questions:

  1. Why aren’t my visitors converting?
  2. What should I do about it?

The mistake most businesses make is to skip straight to question 2. They start guessing what to do to increase their conversion rate, and in our experience, it usually ends in failure.

Successful businesses know that taking a visitor-centric approach is key to growing fast. When Smart Insights came to us, they recognized this right away. We spent lots of time conducting in-depth analyses to get inside the heads of their visitors.

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