Editorial FAQs

All of our content is carefully researched, written and published by our editorial team. We are not an agency or a tech firm writing about ourselves. Our content is about tests, CRO activities and behavioral marketing, psychology and economics conducted by digital marketers all over the globe. Some highlights:

  • Real Life Tests:Have you run an interesting A/B or multivariate test that you would like to see featured on our site or in our awards?  Worth noting: each Case Study in our library is the result of many hours of research and editorial work. We do not simply upload contributions willy-nilly. Our editorial team carefully vets each and every proposed contribution, including the data behind it. We make sure the test was conducted according to best practices, the results are conclusive, and determine if the test is of interest to our readers. If accepted, we write a Case Study about your test, including a link to the brand’s site and proper credits to all tech and agencies who were involved in the test.
  • Conversion Resources:Would you like to submit Conversion Resources that your brand has curated? Or, maybe even position yourself as a thought leader in the space? We are specifically looking for brand-side testing, analytics, usability and CRO specialists. Click here to contact us to nominate yourself.

Pro Membership FAQs

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  • Inspire your own behavioral marketing activities– steal ideas from ‘best of’ tests conducted by marketers around the globe.
  • Convince your boss (or clients) to let you run testsby showing them what other marketers in your field are already doing.
  • Improve your own testing, CRO, and behavioral marketing skillsby discovering best practices and advanced tactics.

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