Results for: Tests Sponsor Listings Landing Page. Which Version Increased Clicks on Advertiser Links? (Testing Awards Gold Winner)

WhichTestWon's Analysis: (Click back to see versions A & B)

Version B’s design boosted clicks on advertiser links by 40% as compared to Version A. This test won a Gold Ribbon in our 2009 Testing Awards in the Advanced Testing category.

An in-house team at tested their landing page for search engine-driven visitors using Vertster’s (see tech profile) testing platform. All in all, they tested 81 versions of the page to find the winner!

The most substantial difference between the control and the winning page was the fact that the top of the page was simplified and cleaned up. The team removed as many distractions from the top as possible — including a word-of-mouth marketing request to refer friends (which they felt might be a little too forward for visitors new to the site).

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