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Does an Email Security Seal Help or Hinder Lead Generation Form Completions?

WhichTestWon's Analysis: (Click back to see versions A & B)

Version B outperformed Version A with 12.6% more completed forms at a 99.8% confidence level.

Location3 Media ran this test for a client who wished to remain anonymous using Google Website Optimizer.

The only difference between the winning and losing forms was the inclusion of the TRUSTe security seal at the bottom. This particular security seal links to TRUSTe’s security terms and distracted users during the most crucial moment in the lead generation process – submitting a competed form.

Trust seals & security seals are a great way to ease your visitor’s anxiety, but if placed in the wrong context can cause too much confusion for your visitor. In this case, the visitor wasn’t purchasing a product, but was filling out a lead generation form. Security seals are often associated with purchases, which will freak out the visitor by making them think, “Oh wait I have to pay for something here.”

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