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Online Game Test: Which Version Got More Players to Register? (Same Benefits, Different Images & Copy)

WhichTestWon's Analysis: (Click back to see versions A & B)

Version A’s ‘Free Town’ offer paired with an image of the virtual town got 40.1% more consumers to fill out and submit a non-required registration form after they installed the game they’d purchased offline.

WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization (see agency profile), a conversion optimization firm, used Google Website Optimizer (see tech profile) to conduct the A/B test on The Sims 3 game launcher page. All versions were designed to fit a screen at 600×800 resolution so that no buttons appeared below the fold. The test ran until it hit 99.9% conclusiveness.

Both pages had identical buttons and nav bars. The benefits for both offers were also identical, but the copy describing them differed. Version A’s headline emphasized the ‘Free Town’ offer whereas Version B’s headline emphasized the ‘Free Game Content’ offer. Images matched the narrative of the copy.

Gamers obviously valued the town over game content, like furniture and clothing. And with 12.2 million uniques per month, a 40.1% lift amounts to thousands of new registrants. Does your product or offering have multiple benefits? If so, do you know which is most appealing to prospects? It’s worth testing to find out.

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