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Which Feature Page Increased Demo Sign-Ups? (Online Testing Awards Winner)

WhichTestWon's Analysis: (Click back to see versions A & B)

Version A, the one without the secondary navigation, increased demo registrations by 40.6% at a 99.3% confidence level. This test won a Silver Ribbon in WhichTestWon’s 2014 Online Testing Awards.

Infusionsoft, conducted this test in-house using Optimizely. This test included all website traffic.

Other than the removal of the secondary nav, and subsequent upward shift of content below the fold, the call to action (CTA) changed from ‘Learn More’ to ‘Watch Demo’ and included the copy ‘Learn more about Getting Organized’. The headline, sub-head, and body copy remained identical.

This is a clear cut case for reducing clutter and increasing your CTA’s clarity. Unfortunately we do not have element-by-element data to see what had the biggest impact. This data would have been incredibly useful because navigation removal and CTA changes have both been shown to have a major impact on conversions.

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