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‘Find Out More’ vs ‘Click Here For More Info’ – Which Button Near The End of a Newsletter Template Won? (2013 Email & Mobile Testing Awards Winner)

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Version B, ‘Click Here for More Information’, got 97% more clicks, plus 16% more site page views, at a 99.9% confidence rate. This test won a silver ribbon for newsletter tests in WhichtestWon’s 2013 Email & Mobile Testing Awards.

Monarch, a UK based travel site, conducted this test with the help of RedEye usingRedEye React. The team split their entire opt-in list 50/50 for this particular test.

At WhichTestWon, we’ve seen plenty of case studies that show the importance of your button’s CTA (Click here to see our library of button tests). What is most surprising about this test is how low the button is in the email, it is the last piece of content on the left after a slew of other offers. A change this far down may seem inconsequential, but should remind all marketers that ALL content in your email is important.

The judges think the one lesson to learn from this test is that ‘Click here’ are still among the most powerful words in email and Web copy.

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