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Which Google Website Optimizer Homepage Increased Registrations (Bullet Points vs. Video)

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Google reported that version A, the control, beat out the video variations by about 30%.

Google’s in-house marketing team ran this test on the Google Website Optimizer site using Google Website Optimizer. This test ran for a week and ran a total of three variations.

This test pitted bullet points against two different style videos, a 3 minute tour & a 6 minute A/B test demo. video Both video versions hurt conversion rates, the former dropped rates by roughly 20% and the latter dropped rates by about 30%.

Google decided to add video to see if it would help increase sign ups, but quickly found that videos (of any kind) were not beneficial to their GWO homepage. Maybe Google’s team could have tried some shorter videos, 3 minutes is a lifetime on the Internet. However, this test is a great example of why you shouldn’t blindly follow best practices, and encourages you to have data backing all of the decisions on your website.

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