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Highlight Step One or Step Two? Which Placement of a Blue Box Increased Google Gadget Installations 50.5%?

WhichTestWon's Analysis: (Click back to see versions A & B)

Version B increased gadget installations by 50.5%.

Google performed this A/B test on Google Maps gadget page using Google Website Optimizer (see tech profile). To install the gadget, which provides driving directions to a business or residence, visitors had to enter a destination address and click to get the HTML code they could insert into the backend of their website. The test reached a remarkable 99.9% confidence level.

The only difference between the two versions was the placement of a blue box to highlight a specific action. Version A featured the blue box around step one, the address box. Version B featured the blue box around step two, the call to action button.

We think this test reiterates the importance of drawing attention to call to action buttons. Test copy, color, size, or any other way to make it stand out — especially on pages where other elements compete for visitors’ attention. Version A’s blue box seemed to pull attention away from the call to action button, and toward the large example images below. Whereas Version B’s blue box balanced the page.

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