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Static Images vs Sliders Homepage Test – Which Sold 75% More Children’s Furniture?

WhichTestWon's Analysis: (Click back to see versions A & B)

Version A, the home page with a grid of static images, increased clicks by 187.9% and sales by 75.07% at a 99.9% confidence rate.

Emob4kids, a children’s furniture site based in Belgium, conducted this test with the help of AG Consult using Optimizely. All traffic was included in this test and split 50/50.The team wanted to determine the most effective way to display content above the fold. The slider showed 11 specific products, with links to their respective pages. The static image version showed six popular product categories, with links to category pages instead.

Prior to this test, the agency had run a similar test for Suzuki Belgium (click here to see) where the static images also trounced a slider. Inspired, they decided to see if the same idea would work on a different client’s site.

A slider can be a major conversion distraction, yet are still widely used by web designers.

Simplifying the page to six top categories instead of 11 specific products was also a factor in this win. How many offerings do you show above the fold – and are they categories or individual products? Maybe it is time to reconsider!

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