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Which PPC Landing Page Generated More Sales Leads for Medical Tablets? (2013 Award Winner)

WhichTestWon's Analysis: (Click back to see versions A & B)

Version A, the sleek design with a clear form, increased leads by a stunning 320% at a 99.9% confidence rate. This test won a silver ribbon for PPC landing page testing at WhichTestWon’s 2013 Testing Awards.

Dell, conducted this test in-house usingAdobe Test & Target. All traffic to this page was from PPC ads.  

Although these results might not surprise a B2C marketer because dedicated landing pages tend to work better than on-site pages (for example, see this Avis UK test which won an Award two years ago), B2B marketers, who have to impress prospects a serious and informational look, don’t normally use colorful, simple landing pages like this.  Perhaps it’s time more started testing this more consumer-style design?Worth noting – Dell has tried this format for other B2B niches and found it worked well there as well. 

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