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Go With The Crowd? Or Segment?

WhichTestWon's Analysis: (Click back to see versions A & B)

Key Performance Indicator (KPI): Clickthrough rate (CTR) from the homepage banner to landing page; download rate on landing page

Traffic: Direct and organic traffic to the German homepage; visitors were from the banking, retail, higher education, automotive, or consumer goods industries. Based on industry vertical, the homepage image, copy, and Call To Action (CTA) dynamically changed

Difference between versions:
Version A: Homepage and landing page image of a climber standing proudly on top of a mountain peak.Website copy and CTA generic for a range of industries

Version B: Dynamically changing homepage image, copy, and CTA; segmented by visitors’ industry vertical. In the example shown, page was targeted to visitors within the banking sector


Winner: It’s not surprising that version B – the dynamically changing page — won.

What is surprising is how much customer segmentation impacted conversions, especially within each industry vertical. To learn more, click here.

Test Type: Segmentation & Dynamic Content

Confidence Level: 95%

The Testing Details:

SAP, the enterprise application software provider, conducted this ‘dynamic’ test in-house.

The testing team ran the study specifically on the German homepage and landing page.

Integrating third party data with Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics, the team was able to segment site visitors by industry vertical.

Five industries were tested. They included the banking, retail, higher education, automotive, and consumer goods sectors.

The team compared how each industry-specific experience converted compared to generic content, featured on the SAP home and landing pages.

The study ran for three months across 5 different industry verticals. Over 20,000 visitors took part.

Test Summary:

As we’ve remarked before, landing pages targeted to specific audience segments tend to perform far better than landing pages developed for everyone.

That’s because different audiences behave differently.

To optimize conversions, it’s important you learn as much as you can about your audience. Know them intimately. Find out what keeps them awake at night. Then target content to them appropriately.

To learn more about this test — and how SAP is using the findings to optimize conversions world-wide — click here.

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