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“Free” Offer vs. Statement – Which Call to Action Button Copy Got a 171% Lift in Clicks?

WhichTestWon's Analysis: (Click back to see versions A & B)

Contrary to the notion that the word “Free” always wins, Version B convinced 171% more visitors to click the call to action button, which led visitors to a ‘contact us’ form.

Connected Web Solutions, a full service web design agency, conducted this test in-house on its own homepage using Google Website Optimizer (see tech profile). The test reached a 98.6% confidence level. Traffic to the page was mostly from organic search.

Everything about the homepage was identical except for the language on the call to action button. Version A’s button copy said “Free Consultation.” Version B’s said “Work With Us.”

We know it’s hard to believe that the “Work with Us” beat “Free Consultation,” especially by such a huge 171% lift and considering the later is actually offering something for free. We think this test shows the importance of testing call to action copy because you rarely truly know what’s going to convince your audience to act unless you test it.

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