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Which Privacy Policy Performed Better Than No Privacy Policy At All

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Version B had a 19.47% increase in sign-ups over a control variation that had absolutely no privacy policy at all. When pitted again the same ‘no privacy policy’ control variation, Version A decreased sign-ups by 18.70%.

BettingExpert, a social network for betting enthusiasts, conducted this test with the help of ContentVerve using Visual Website Optimizer.

The entire test series – which over time pitted four differently worded privacy policies against a no-policy control – ran in four stages over 48 days. The testing team had originally only tried Version A against the control as a proof of concept test, to show the executive in charge that privacy policies are important.  When that initial test tanked, the team kept at it, trying different policy wording until they found a winner  (Version B here.) We applaud their tenacity.

We’ve seen all too many forms without privacy policies. This test should remind you that it is not the existence of a privacy policy that should be tested, but the actual copy of the privacy policy. Additionally, the results further the point that visitors are serious about privacy, jokey or informally worded policies may not work for most brands.

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