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Which PPC Landing Page Got 98% More Trial Downloads?

WhichTestWon's Analysis: (Click back to see versions A & B)

Version B got a 98% lift in free trial software downloads at a 99% confidence level. In other words, Version B got nearly twice as many leads from the same media spend!

Alpha Software used Google Adwords to conduct the A/B PPC landing page optimization test, and they used Kenshoo to count the trial download conversions.

While this test might have been an easy one to guess right on, we think it’s a great example of applying some tried-and-true best practices and having them actually work!

Several changes were made in Version B. A few of the most important were likely the much improved headline, more detailed bulleted benefits, and the removal of the navigation from the top of the page.

You are invited to read more about the Alpha Software A/B test at this slideshare, including some ideas for further optimization. And as always, we love to read your comments. Please share your thoughts below!

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